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ballerina_ballet_beach_growth_silhouette-3908677ff30bbb83c8855253647c925d_m.jpg; 215 x 184 (@100%)

knitting some of these in pink cashmere for L right now...

laying tummy, resting on elbows hands on ground on other arms, legs up, looking to side, view at angle low

“When, its [the soul’s] divine power, it completely possesses the body, it converts that into a luminous moving cloud and thus can manifest itself in the whole of its divinity. This is the explanation of the miracle of St. Francis walking on the sea. His body no longer weighed like ours, so light had it become through the soul.”

Rudolf Nureyev by Richard Avedon. So much power, but with so much sensitivity when he danced... Every time i saw him perform, I was entranced.

A very cool moment that can help new dancers visualize how the body can ROUND itself! It's such a beautiful arc, that calls for flexibility and control. It's beautiful in it's simplicity.

Dorothee Gilbert and Alessio Carbone. Photography: Benoît Peverelli for Madame Figaro.

“Dance is for everybody. I believe that the dance came from the people and that it should always be delivered back to the people.” - Alvin Ailey

Sara Michelle Murawski, I want to be a Ballerina.... :)

natalie portman for vogue. Don't like natalie but this photo is just lovely isn't it !!!!

Detailed walls. I can't get enough of them. Color contrast is perfect and the little girl sitting on the floor is a precious addition to this composition.