• AnnMarie Norton

    21 Creative Consequences For Kids.. thought these were great... this site has tons of ideas to help you with whatever age child and challeges you may be dealing with!!! |Pinned from PinTo for iPad|

  • Rose Cavanaugh

    10 compliments for kids

  • Aileen Evans

    good tween parenting advice

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age appropriate chores for kids: I printed this out, crossed out everything that doesn't apply to our house, and had my daughter read it to herself and my son. They are more willing to help out, and I'm more understanding of what they are actually capable of helping with. Plus, I can now tell my son (6) "You can to do that. A 3 year old can, so I know you can." and he can't argue with that logic!

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Is your young child getting enough daily exercise? New study outlines exactly how much movement children under 6 need each day. And I thought we were doing good to shoot for 90 mins.