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  • Susan Chestnut

    Happy birthday to the velvet voiced Alan Rickman.

  • Kira Marie


  • Rey Orascanin Cejvanova

    Alan Rickman - what a great actor! the man we love to hate.... he played "The Sheriff of Nottingham - Robin Hood Prince of Thieves", "Hans Gruber - Die Hard I", "Grigori Rasputin - Rasputin", "Severus Snape - Harry Potter parts I and II", "Blue Caterpillar - Alice in Wonderland"......another brilliant Actor and a delight to watch!

  • Narooma Nights

    Alan Rickman. Impeccable actor. Compassionate man. Check out this cracking website for more information on the many faces of Alan Rickman!

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Alan Rickman- Best bad guy ever in Robin Hood, best good guy in Sense and Sensibility then he tops it all off as Snape! I know I am missing some but those are my favs.

His voice is incredible, but to me, he will always be handsome because he brought Severus Snape to life. jls

Laughter, reserved hands, complete awesomeness ...

Alan Rickman Very lucky to have met him personally on many occasions. He's amazing. He's also one of my dearest friends uncles. I once devoured a chicken with him while sitting cross legged on the floor. He was working on a movie at the time, which he said was called "Die Hard".

Oh. Hi Alan Rickman. Nice smoulder you've got there. Want to read the phonebook to me? War and Peace? Okay. I'm good with that.

Alan Rickman with my Hogwarts letter. <--- Pinned for this comment!!!

Kingsley Montivelo (pretend he's blind in one eye. XD) revolutionary, an Ilkhatal (Killer), a survivor. Has many acquaintances but few friends. A true politician and a realist. He will not rest until the Ilkhatal are free. Character belongs to Sam (pepperdaphoenix) Picture is someone else's.