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    You read the sign. You knew what you were getting yourself into.

    Attack Of The Funny Animals - 26 Pics

    ipodjs fcvxlcdfjmlkfodmcknxjdfnkj cant stop laughing cuz true story

    I am laughing so hard right now<<literally five minutes later I started laughing again and i wasn't even on it anymore XD

    Condensation! HA! <-- I wonder if they laugh at the words on our shirts in their language???

    Have A Nice Flight - The Meta Picture

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    This is actually a thing...I will never be this cool....

    Best thing ever

    This was hilarious.

    Not that I would expect her to have any knowledge of proper grammar.

    This is hilarious...


    YES! This is hilarious!

    Love this sign!

    Attack Of The Funny Animals - 23 Pics

    Thank you for noticing...

    This is hilarious!

    This speaks for itself.

    The funniest protesting signs