rain down on me

If so, then it was also here where I came to know I can survive what hurts. I believed in my capacity to stand back up and run into the waves again and again, no matter the risk.--Terry Tempest Williams - Photo by Igor Koshelev

"What to say? I feel the sea inside me too big, too never-ending to speak" -Xiaolu Guo (photo by Vincent Arira)

One of my favorite simple pleasures. Dragging my hand with fingers spread in the water from any boat.

Feeling the rain on my face.

breathe in the rain through your skin



I have a NEED for this!.....and I pick the middle of Blue Mtn Lake. :)

Never Never Land | Elena Kalis Underwater Photography.

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Grace like rain.

There would always be a dark, empty, and cold corner in his heart. The kind of room where the only life was the erratic, racing trails of rain drops on the window. He kept it there, like an empty room, in case she ever decided to return.

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spring break