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tin top roof conversion idea vw camper van T2 @

The new Volkswagen Microbus is completely modern in its environmental consciousness. The new VW bus is a bio-diesel hybrid filled with modern gadgets not imagined during the time of the bus' first go-round

Volkswagon Van, VDUB, VW bus, Volkswagen Camper - whichever you want to call it, its the perfect vintage travel companion for the beach, surf, camping or summer road trips. Pinned by

I would love to drop everything and road trip with no real direction or end in mind.

I need this van in my life. More Campers Vans, Travel Vans, Volkswagen Vans, Volkswagen Kombi, Vw Bus, Campervan Interior, Beaches Bum, Roads Trips, Vw Vans VW van road trip An up-cycled modern nomadic home Volkswagen Kombi 1971! | Senior road tripping! travel van Goalssss for my VW bus Inside of a Volkswagen van! true beach bum abode Camper van road trip, anyone? campervan interior