I love fountain grass. :)

Fountain grass, trailing verbena and potato vine. Purple Fountain Grass, Sweet Potato Vine and Purple Lantana

 Planters filled with coleus "Sedona," calibrachoa "Tequila Sunrise," Ipomoea "Blackie," pennisetum "Rubrum," geranium "Vancouver Centennial" and acorus "Ogon."

I want to do this for my driveway. Planters filled with coleus "Sedona," calibrachoa "Tequila Sunrise," Ipomoea "Blackie," pennisetum "Rubrum," geranium "Vancouver Centennial" and acorus "Ogon.

Apron Revival: Hosta Container Gardening

hostas in a pot! every spring they return.in the pot! Add geraniums hostas in a pot, add ivy and shade annual and ivy


Wood gate with the circle window, square open windows alongside the gate door, the arbor overed with lavender flowers, the stone pavers, and the gorgeous foliage surrounding the entrance create such a beautiful picture! I love all those things!

Garden layout (BHG magazine)

Jamie Oliver + Better Homes & Gardens' "Food Revolution Garden". I'm a little obsessed with Jamie Oliver right now.

Who needs flowers with colorful foliage like these? Love!

Hakonechloa macra "All Gold" Japanese forest grass, glossy European ginger, and Japanese painted ferns and Hosta ‘June,’ with a couple of young ‘Lime Rickey’ heucheras picking up the gold grass underplanted beneath a magnolia tree.

DID YOU KNOW: Used coffee grounds improve soil quality for houseplants. I mixed 2 tablespoons of freshly used coffee grounds into a very tired and dying potted plant's soil, saturated it thoroughly, then set it in bright sunlight for a few hours. The plant has completely revived. (Coffee revives me so why not my plants?)

How to Use Coffee Grounds in Your Garden. Says coffee grounds repel slugs, snails, cats. Yet another reason to drink more coffee!

Tree Stump Removal  Get rid of tree stumps by drilling holes in the stump and filling them with 100% Epsom salt. Follow with water, and wait. Live stumps may take as long as a month to decay, and start to decompose all by themselves.

Alternative Gardning: Tree Stumps Removal--Drill holes in stumps, fill with Epsom salt, add water, wait. Live stumps may take up to a month to decay

Leuke combinaties in pot. | FLORAFOCUS

Leuke combinaties in pot.

Lots of good planting schemes for containers and gardens here. Love the black-leaved Dahlia with purple Calibrachoa (they look like mini petunias), chartreuse sweet potato vine, alternanthera, pentas and bacopa. Sadly pots never look like this!