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As much as I hate palm/hand tattoos and believe they're pointless, I love this.

Dear Tattoo I'm Thinking About Getting: Thanks for holding my attention like few other things can. Thanks for making me nervous and excited when I think about you and how it would be to have you. It's like having a crush on my own skin. XO

this too shall pass --- tattoo. Mom told me this through the REALLY tough baby times, and still does when the going gets tough. I want to get this to remind me of her support and help. (not this placement though)

North, always head to where your going. No other direction matters until you reach it.

"This is my first and only tattoo! It’s a vintage dress form mannequin with “love who you are” in Edgar Allen Poe’s handwriting alongside it, designed and tattooed by the wonderful Amber Vail of Studio 66 at the San Francisco Body Art Expo. I am a student entering into the fashion industry, a field that seems to be all about changing people. I wanted a reminder to stay true to myself and love who I am, not what anybody wants to turn me into."

am not huge fan of hand tattoos but this i like.....i love finger tattoos