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  • Rick Lance

    Redneck hot tub | Funny Stuff

  • T Dupuy

    Redneck hot tub. I am surprised I haven't seen this before. What a great idea. Cook your Jambalya in your hot tub!!

  • Kim Poston

    All I think about is the Warner Bros cartoon with Bugs Bunny in the pot over the fire and the little Indian cutting up vegetables as Bugs acts as if he's in a hot tub.

  • Diane Frymire

    Now that's a HOT TUB!!!! (Or, someone tricked them into being boiled for dinner)

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You Might Be A Redneck If.....Hot Tub...LOL

Haha! We used to fill the big outside trashcans with water. This is SOOOO much better....not to mention cleaner. Oh memories!

Ok my friend Sherita and I rolled our hair in orange juice cans and went to the laundry mat to sit under the Super Big hair dryers back in the 70s!!

The pool is actually a hot tub, not a feature we're likely to see in a public park, but it is lush and inviting green spot to be admired all the same!

Nicole, we're moving on from the float. if i'm paying that much for something, it'll be heated.

Mom: "What are you doing, son?" Son: "I'm in the hot tub with two cute chicks."

Fun hot tub by desire to inspire - - Jeffrey Gordon Smith landscape architecture

ideal hot tub. replace the tiki wall with something more rustic - river stones, logs. and we've got an oasis.