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Slug trap.

Make slug traps out of plastic bottles. Fill with beer (or yeast and sugar). No more poison in the garden.

Do Beer Traps Kill Slugs?

Beer slug traps have been reported to kill slugs. Find out how to get rid of slugs with beer and which beer works best?

Homemade Wasp Traps.  I will place them on every inch of lawn so no wasps come near all summer

Make a Wasp Trap

Prairie Story: Homemade Wasp Trap DONT KILL THE BEES! use meat or Add vinegar and a banana peel to the sugar and water. The honeybees do not go in the trap but the wasps and yellow jackets will.

How to make a slug trap and bait at sowandso.com

Is your garden overrun with slugs? Then we have a great idea for slug bait and trap.

Alternative Gardning: Start Composting Today

Vegetable Gardening Tips to Make Anyone An Expert Gardener

We believe happy soil produces happy veg. Our homemade compost is used to ensure the soil our vegetables grow in is nutritious and vitamin packed. Not only does this produce the best tasting veg but it also supports sustainable farming. Why not spoil your

Get rid of ants without pesticides | Suburban Vegetable Gardening

Not all ants are bad. In fact, ants are your friends. They control insect populations, clean up dead things, and help the natural cycle of life. But some ants are evil. Mosquitoes are the most evil…

10 Uses for Yogurt Cups…. drown those naughty slugs who put holes in the leaves of your plants! THIS really works!!! but u have to refill on a regular basis! I've killed a lot of slugs this year! They love the beer best!

10 Uses for Yogurt Cups

yogurt cups used to make a slug trap in the yard (fill with beer or salted water, bait the rim with sliced potatoes)

Homemade Mosquito Trap. Make this trap and use it exactly by the instructions in the photo and it will work perfect.

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Let's face it Mosquitoes suck. Here's a great DIY Homemade Mosquito trap👍

Glue pennies (2-3 deep) to the side of your raised garden beds to keep slugs away. Slugs and snails won't cross copper.

Pennies glued to square foot garden Glued pennies to the side of my square foot garden bed to keep slugs away. Slugs and snails won't cross copper. Glued pennies to the side of my square foot garden bed.