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12th century harness pendant, probably for a breastband

12th century world map

Copper Cross, 12th century

12th Century

12th century men's bliaut

Comb (12th century style)

12th century Spanish silk brocade

Crusading knight, 12th century

Italian silk design 12th century __ posted on flickr by John Hopper, for The Textile Blog

Tagged "12th century" | Illumanu.12th century (ca.1170s) England Glasgow University Library MS Hunter 229 (U.3.2.) - Hunterian psalter

12th century palfrey in fine gear.

harness pendants

12th century physician Trepanning woman for pain

Hose of St.Desiderius from 12th century. Germanische National Museum, Nurmberg

Harness Pendant

Appareled Alb / Vestments of St. Thomas à Becket, Treasury of Sens Cathedral (12th Century)

12th century norse wood panel from a church in setesdal norway. from the edda: sigurd slays the dragon fafnir

A scupulture of Saint Clotilde, Notre-Dame de Corbeil, 12th century

12th (ca. 1175-1200?) century Italy Eve, Lodi Cathedral portal figure

EGKOLPIOS CROSS Stone, engraved gold ,            12th century.

Harness Pendant, 13th–early 15th century. Possibly Spanish. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Rogers Fund, 1904 (04.3.409)