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  • Evert Carter

    A Homemade Foot Massage Chart #health tips|

  • BodyKneads Day Spa

    Reflexology Reflexology is based on the ancient massage technique that applies pressure on parts of the feet, to affect other parts of the body and/or improve general health. Practitioners of foot reflexology believe the foot is connected to all major organs and glands in the body. More specifically, each pressure point in the foot "mirrors" the health of a specific organ or part of the body.

  • Cheryl Truman

    Foot Reflexology Charts & Reflexology Foot Chart Tips!

  • Jessy Waelchi

    homemade foot massage #Weight Loss|

  • Sara Taylor

    Foot Chart to show you where to apply essential oils on your feet.

  • Nicolas Prohaska

    A Homemade Foot Massage Chart #better health naturally #better health solutions #healthy eating #health food|

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Interactive Reflexology Charts : this link has interactive reflexology charts for both the feet and hands, if you scroll your mouse over the areas on the chart you will see where to apply pressure to improve blood flow and healing to those areas... great site!

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