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A Vietnamese mother with child in a refugee camp on Koh Paed Island. Thailand. UN Photo/Saw Lwin.

Diana, if there ever was a photograph of the mother and child in Salt God, this would be it. This is Diana, and Ruthie, to a tee.

Mother and child baby announcement / picture / baby photography idea / pregnancy

On Mother's Day: India Hicks

I want this photo with Courtland. Reminds me I should capture that koala hold while I can.

The fabric of this dress inspired the fabric for our Siren Scarves, light, floaty, easy and romantic.

Women... if you one day want your daughter to find the absolute best, kind, good-hearted man, then don't settle for anything less yourself. Girls look for traits in a husband that they find in their father.

Either mommy with baby--or even daddies with their babies.

mother / daughter (all of these poses will work for sons too :) )