Unique idea for all kinds of ribbons, yarns, and trims

embroidery floss on clothespins

Idées de tissage pour occuper les enfants | Sakarton

Why have regular floss bobbins when you can have elephant floss bobbins? Make your own animal floss holders to keep your cross stitch supplies organised

Embroidery thread storage

Embroidered eyes

Making a perfect bow.


How to make the perfect bow.

Colorful thread

An innovative idea for keeping foods

Russian method for joining yarn ends. Insanely genius! OH MY GOD why did I not know this?? No more loose, ugly ends! Thank GOD.

How to make Newspaper Yarn

ribbon organizer

30 Organization Tips, Tricks and Ideas That Will Make You Go Ah-ha!

Yarn Weights Photo...a visual for what each weight class of yarn looks like.

20 gifts kids can make. I love this bowl and there are several other great ideas......craft ideas?

quick scarf. long pieces of bulky yarn stitched together in sections.

Farb-und Stilberatung mit www.farben-reich.com - Moonlight Stroll

Organizer for Yarn..what a great idea