Halloween ~ idea, glue bugs onto nylons. Perfect for Witches Nite Out...ideas for halloween #halloweencostume #halloween #

Homemade Couples Halloween Costumes | 40 Unique And Funny Pop Culture Halloween Costumes On A Budget

Halloween Party Serving Table Idea ~ fun for a Walking Dead party too

Best idea EVER for a Halloween bake sale - eyeball cake pops with a fork stuck in them! Gross, and easy to serve, perfect. Great for a lunchbox treat too.

Birds Halloween costume- Brilliant. (Thanks mom...to this day I freak out when I hear flapping wings of birds. I told you I was too young to see that movie!) LOL

yikes... I love it. With the bugs glued on nylons too. Creepy crawly...

How about a pair of witch shoes? This is one of the best ideas ever. See how they are done.

Deranged Halloween Arrangement How-To 1. Use permanent glue to attach vinyl bugs to rose petals. 2. Paint vinyl snakes using black acrylic paint; let dry. 3. Use floral wire to create anchors for coiled snakes: twist 1 end around the snake's middle. Insert other end in vase. 4. Secure centipede (or other big bug) to vase with poster putty. --Martha Stewart's Genius

Homemade Halloween costume. Operation Game guy.

Dyeing Pantyhose with Kool-Aid and Food Coloring, a Tutorial! Clever way to get any color pantyhose that you need for costuming or accessorizing.

Halloween?(; omg this is insane! hmm Im seeing two little zombies and a mommy zombie this halloween!

plastic bugs stuck to the wall eeewww


cute halloween costumes

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Little Joseph Candle Holder

Halloween party -This is fan-freaking-tastic!!!!