spiral herb garden... but with stacked stones

Design of a Spiral herb garden planting idea. garden bed, garden edge

Love this herb garden design...

Herb garden

How To Build A Herb Spiral

How to Make An Herb Spiral

Spiral Garden

This is an herb spiral, in which you plant drought hardy plants at the top and water-thirsty plants at the bottom. By adding wood, it mimics hugelkultur, in which buried wood adds nutrients and reserves water. - Grow Food Not Lawns Facebook page (link goes to "15 Reasons a permaculture herb spiral lets you practice sustainable gardening in urban or country settings" by NaturalNews)

spiral herb garden

raised bed corners

Stacked container gardens

Idea for recycling timber... spiral herb garden

Cool way to build an herb spiral - I so want one of these!


Pallet Herb Garden

Free Standing Pallet Herb Garden Tutorial on DIYshowoff at http://diyshowoff.com/2013/05/15/free-standing-pallet-herb-garden/

DIY deck / herb garden using wine boxes

Tower Garden of Herbs

// Elevated Garden

Herb drying rack...utter coolness! witch craft inspiration pagan

herb garden