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Snowball write 3 things about themselves on a sheet of white paper. They do not write their names on the paper. Wad it up and on your command, have a "snowball" (or baseball) fight. At the end of 1 minute, each student grabs the nearest snowball and tries to guess who wrote it. Would be great at the beginning of the year!

Minds in Bloomfrom Minds in Bloom

Exploring "Would You Rather..." Questions

Might be doing this as an ice breaker at the beginning of the year, when my theme is Coming of Age/Self Assertion... Exploing "Would You Rather..." Questions | Minds in Bloom

Each student had a sheet of paper with everyone's name on it. They had to write a nice sentence about everyone in the class. Then each student had 20 nice things written about him or her. We put those in a frame. This activity was great because some of the students in my class don't hear about how great they are everyday at home. Now they have a frame that will stay together rather than just some paper stapled. The kids loved hearing about how great they are from their classmates :)

Have a student sit on chair in front of white board and have others write a positive phrase about them, then take a picture. Don't let them see it...till they get the photo! Such a great end of the year activity or for those days when students are using unkind words about one another.


How do we Teach Kindness?

Kindness Wreath: Add a ribbon for each act of kindness you catch a student doing throughout the year.

Paragraph Reminder~ This is great for students who are beginning to write multi-paragraph narratives or essays. Simple, clear, and helpful!

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Tip of the Week – Thought Bubbles on Photos

Great tool to teach inference!!! Use speech bubbles on famous paintings to get kiddos thinking/writing!

Teach123 - Tips for Teachersfrom Teach123 - Tips for Teachers

Small Bites and Movement

Cut a file folder into strips. The shorter the attention span, the smaller you will cut the strips. I cut this one into 3 parts. Students open 1 flap at a time and always begin at the top and work their way down. Students complete the work that they can see when a flap is open. Good for when a full sheet of paper/worksheet is just too much to look at!

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GROUP Expectations Bundle

Do you love getting your kids into cooperative groups, but hate when groups just don't get the job done? Get your groups in shape with the GROUPS Expectations Bundle!

Students to write a positive thing on a strip of paper include their name and date and read them out at the end of the year - glue them on A4 paper and put in their portfolio.

30 Problem Solving Scenarios for Kids & Teens...I've been looking for ideas like this to use with my older students with disabilities.

me in a nutshell - students are to find things to put in the bag that will tell the class things about them that we don't already know