• Shannon in NY

    Family pic 6

  • Christy Fitzwater

    You want to do something great for God, but you have these kids underfoot...

  • Lara Dickson

    What a wonderful read! ..."Lots of people want to do the “big” stuff for God, but there’s nobility in living in the quiet, humble, consistent, invisible places where no one but God sees. He delights in those who are faithful in the little, because He knows that they are also the ones who can be trusted with much when the time is right..."

  • Lisa Fetla

    We were privileged to have been a part of a small Bible study group for years with Whitney and Tyler when we lived in IN. She's now a contributing member for Good Morning Girls. Here she shares Encouragement for the Tired mom.

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This list made me laugh out loud.

Where is God in the days that tire is, in the constant echo of need calling to us from our little ones, when we need his help so desperately? He is there. In the ordinary, in the simple moments. And he is beckoning us to find him. Look for him today.

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I agree with Lisa -speaking or acting disrespectfully to me was always a serious offense in this house and was addressed immediately.

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Oh how I wish I had had this list when my kids were little. I LOVE it. Number 3 is my favorite. (And maybe it's not such a bad message for the mom, either!)