.when he was little he always wanted to hold my hand and say "Trina my girlfriend". Who knew I would be his step-mom one day :) he is pretty special to me!!

*Sigh* This makes me remember me and my cousin! She slept over and we couldn't get to sleep and we were really over-tired, so I grabbed a flashlight and saw a moth and screamed "THE MOTH FOLLOWS THE LIGHT" Good times..

YES. I love making people happy and delighted with food and drink. I guess part of the entertainer and nurturer in me...

Stop caring so much about everything! Other peoples opinion, upsetting the people around me who dont give upsetting me a second thought. Be the selfish one sometimes and just see if it really is the key to happiness! Stop being so stressed and miserable!

This is a blog listing little things we should appreciate. These are life's simple pleasures that are commonly overlooked. And possibly daily sources of happiness that are right under your nose.

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