Peonies!!! i know they're not in season but i love them!!! and the simplicity of them on the tables!

Are you looking for stylish wedding centerpieces? Each individual wedding centerpiece is great for wedding table centerpieces, wedding reception centerpieces, or bridal shower centerpieces. If you are looking for cheap, affordable and unique wedding.

pqnos arranjos...

Small floral centerpieces lining long table each with one type of flower and each in a different color. Love the pattern look.

This idea not only creates a wonderful table scape of coral charm peonies and garden roses but it also creates a beautiful "chandelier" of peonies tied together in small bouquets.

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La couleur argent est une couleur féminine, mystérieuse, fluide et pure. Utiliser des touches d’argent dans la décoration de son mariage apporte de l’élégance et du romantisme raffiné. L’argent est une couleur idéale pour un mariage à thème moderne et sophistiqué. Vos éléments décoratifs en argent reflèteront l’énergie et les couleurs des autres éléments de …

Maybe with gold? hern-weddings-Southern-wedding-ideas-silver-and-white-wedding-white-floral-centerpieces-peony-wedding-centerpieces-modern-wedding-modern-Florida-wedding

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light blue table setting the symmetry of this table is your desire, right? it's very formal, love the table centerpieces and the symmetry of the forks, the napkins, regularity blue tablescape

tiny glass containers of blooms♥

so pretty., fresh flowers from the garden put in glass bottles and placed on silver tray makes great center piece for your table. I do love fresh flowers. If only I had a green thumb, I could have fresh flowers alll the time.

Blue and White