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    Let’s face it, nothing beats the ‘90s! And just because you were born a decade or so ago, doesn't mean you embraced all of its perks. Here's a list of what you absolutely must r...

    you know you're a child of the '90s when...

    • Natasha Sacks

      I didn't have a fancy Tamagotchi.. nope, I had a knockoff Gigapets! #Tamagotchi #Gigapets #Nanopets #90s #childhood #memories

    • Kristina Belschner

      My first ever pet was a digital one! Tamagotchi $44.56 #90s #90sToys #90sKids #nostalgia #Tamagotchi

    • Rachel Ruello

      who remembers the tamagotchi?! i paid $18 for this at KB toys in the mall...and i think it took only a matter of hours for me to kill my pet. haha

    • Kristen Copeland

      Tamagotchi! Remember when you had to pretend to go to the bathroom in school so you could feed your pet? Or stay up all night because that was when your pet was awake?

    • Stephanie Churchman

      The pressure of covertly feeding your Tamagotchi at school without your teacher noticing because otherwise it might die. | 28 Things That Totally Stressed Out All '90s Kids

    • mobile9

      Remember the tamagotchi that you had when you were a kid? Well now you can relive your childhood digital pet memories with the hatchi app! It is free & available on both iOS & Android devices! Download it on mobile9. Android :

    • Roberta Rose

      things from the 90's virtual pet, remember these?

    • Ashlee Garcia-Soto

      Funny pics - Tamagotchi pet - 90s kid.

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