• Kerry Pasker

    Forrest Gump said, "My mama said you have to let go of your past before you can move on." This is something I should look at everyday to remind me to keep moving forward.

  • Ashley ❤️ Kottler

    SO true Moving on.. Living life...goals

  • Mary Kay Cosmetics by Kimberly Robyn

    This is so true & I want all of you to remember this especially those who are venturing into the world of direct sales. When you're just starting out, this, is then the new & next chapter of your life! It's the gotta let go time-move forward & upward & be consistent-trust what your trying is right for you-work at it & all will fall into place! Think positive! Hang around positive people & have some fun in this new chapter & do it for yourself! Good Luck! Positively, ~Kimberly Robyn

  • ImagesbyTDashfield

    so true. Truth!

  • Liv

    Motivational Quotes About Life i need to move on

  • Sarah Blake

    Words of wisdom. So true

  • Mary Laurette

    so true. But why start a new chapter? Start a new book!!

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people should keep this in mind when the dress trashy EVERYDAY every once in a while is fine. but the truth is in this quote♥ people do notice and its important to actually take care of yourself and try to look nice

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I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.


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