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hola guys, i'm Anna - crazy fangirl with strange, obviously unhealthy mind. trying to be a photographer, but it seems i'll die aka economist. my english is shitty as you see, cause i'm sure this...

Dean Winchester Quotes :)) he is just hilarious :))) I think I need to create a Supernatural board…hmmm….

The 10 Greatest 'Supernatural' Shirtless Moments, Ranked By Awesome

Which Supernatural character do you risk it all for after not long having an appendectomy? dreamsfromthebunker: “The risk? Your appendix had burst and so you have a huuuuuuge appendectomy wound that’s...

According to @WhyWeLoveJensen » "He's even sexier when he's all bloody and dirty". #JensenAckles How is that possible? I mean, I'm not disputing it, I'm just letting this sink in.