apothecary jars filled with pearl buttons and antique forks

http://mylittlewhitehomebynadine.blogspot.nl/ I do like this blog, in Dutch. Such a pretty set of pictures, too. This is my liking in storage and display.

Turn traditional cloche jars into beautiful, functional, fabulous decor in a snap!

string + scissors in a big glass jar ~

Vintage-Inspired Galvanized Lid with Blue Mason Jar Dispenser--might be something you could DIY with one after the wedding so you can incorporate it into your house... I kind of love the things we did that with!

♥ Pretty apothecary jars of buttons, lace and misc. sewing notions - what a beautiful way to display your button collection!

One of the best things I've read in a long time. So many of these things we do already, and it really does make your home a happy one. Worth reading :)

mother of pearl buttons.... I have the jars!

white bath vignette

antique boot hook collection - 86 Vintage

Incorporating jars in your decor is a really HOT thing to do right now. I think that the display in the picture is tastefully done. There are so many uses for jars and many people are doing DIY projects with their old pickle jars. <3 it!


vintage numbered string in glass jar



apothecary jars and shells

Filled with vintage books

French 1800s "Confiture" Jam-jars


Glas jar. Buttons. Roses. Beautiful