Homework Black Book

Tips to help students who don't finish their work.

GENIUS!!! Turning in papers Consider not removing clips - rotating or moving so that they don't have to be reset all the time

Black Book - late homework assignments. . .what, when and why one for each student. Then they can share at student led conferences.

The No Homework Binder: How to Document the Excuses!

Multiple choice sticks - what a great way to check for understanding! The kids love using these. The instructions on making them are in the link

"Pink Slip - For students who don't have homework.- I love the layout of these"

4th Grade Frolics

Make-up Assignments Form

super system to see who has turned in homework - students flip their clothespin to the smileyface side when they turn things in!

No Homework Binder--Each student has a blank page in the binder. The student must write the date, assignment, and reason for not having it on their page for each forgotten assignment. Keeps track of # missing and reasons. Great management tool!

2nd Grade Stuff: Managing Your Turn-In Tray Using Clothespins

My solution to my students forgetting pencils/having to sharpen pencils. They already have class numbers and now they all have a pencil that must be left in my classroom at all times. If a pencil goes missing I know whose it is by the missing number.... i NEED to do this!!!

homework bingo - If they turn in their homework for that morning they get to write their name on any square. On friday's pull out two bingo chips...and whatever names are on that square they will be able to pick out of the treasure box.

Here's a way to organize weekly work so that absent students can easily find what they missed!

Use a cover slip when collecting assignments. Grade the assignment, record the grade on the cover slip, then pass the papers back to students. No alphabetizing papers for the grade book.

awesome binder with full year plans, daily plans, assessment and grade sheets with standards

Student Reflection Form "No Homework" Binder

Everything for the morning all by the door. This teacher calls it the "drop zone."