Film the playing with light and shadow in photos. it adds an intimacy to the photo and a classic, old timey feel (or maybe thats because of the black and white)

Every night he would kiss every perfect curve of her... until she dripped with love from his lips... xo



♡Dancing of the SMOKE!♡ black and white

Black And White Photography

Black and White Photography Print ""Little Tree""

in lust we trust

totally elegant, classic greek-style muse pose/garment (via black-white-madness.tumblr 23628163261)

W Lines / @SingleFin_

... Il est grand temps, pour l'ombre de la dame en noir / de se fixer enfin ... (JC)

Hiroshi Sugimoto

A love letter from your shadow By Nandi Hetenyi. These words are so vital.

look down