New study in Autism has determined obesity during pregnancy raises the chances of having a child with autism by 67%. They also faced double the risk of having children with other developmental delays. Another reason for prevention and lifestyle choices.

New Day, New Autism Study Autism may be linked to obesity during pregnancy

#Autism is more likely to occur in children whose mothers were #obese while #pregnant, new research suggests.

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Pregnancy tips for obese women

Spinabifida, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes to name a few of the increased risks with obese pregnancy

Motivation: Be fit enough to my body to have a healthy pregnancy when we decide to make a family. Image attached to an article of the risks associated with being overweight/obese and pregnant.

Increase fertility naturally with these simple tips... no invasive procedures, pills or other medical intervention necessary. Here are my favs!

#pregnancynutrition tips to have a healthy and fit #pregnancy. And tips to avoid getting sick while #pregnant.

How Pregnancy Weight Gain Could Contribute to the Obesity Epidemic

Pregnant And Obese - The Truth About Pregnancy Weight Gain - Redbook

Ask the #Childbirth Educator: Obesity and #Pregnancy . I am #overweight but really keen to fall pregnant again. I'm about 30kg over my ideal weight. Is it really important to lose this weight first?Michelle Hi Michelle, First of all, I can really relate personally to your question because I was in a similar position before I got pregnant with my first child. Thankfully...

Using Red Raspberry Tea for Pregnancy and Postpartum -

Gaining weight is a natural part of growing a baby in your womb. Being overweight or obese while you are pregnant, however, can carry additional risks for your pregnancy.

We don't always think of the word "good" when we think of infertility, but there are some positive things that can come out of it. For example, you become braver than you ever imagined.

More of our children are being diagnosed with and suffering with Asthma, ADD, ADHD, & Autism - What if switching brands of what we used could make a BIG difference and give them relief?

Must-do's in the last weeks of pregnancy. I would have never thought of doing half of this!

Study Sets Tough Diet Goals for Obese Pregnant Women -

Trying to prepare financially for your baby can be a challenge, but these eight tasks take the guess work out of how to do it.

"What to Wear During Pregnancy" Broken Down by Trimester...I'm pinning this for down the road!

Having a baby is life changing in so many ways, not least financially. But despite what many people think, the first few years of providing for a child doesn't necessarily need to break the bank.