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Africa | Prestige cloth ~ kpokpo ~ from the Mende people of Sierra Leone | Early 20th century | Strip woven cotton; this Kpokpo is composed of strips over 13 feet long.

Africa | Interior Hanging from Mali, Niger River region | 19th century | Wool, cotton and natural dye | Large-scale textiles created south of the Sahara were generally intended as enhancements for domestic environments

Antique Scandinavian Rug Signed H.K

Finnish rya rug woven in 1925. Classic 18th-century folk art design; 1798 is most likely the date of its archetype. This was probably a wedding rug; the H and K likely represent a bride and groom.

Old Persian Qashqai Sofreh Kilim. Circa 1940s. A sofreh is a flatweave rug made by tribesmen from Persia and the Caucasus as a ground cloth during meals. This example has a striking design in contrasting colours of red, blue and yellow. Offered by Pars Rugs at The Edenbridge Galleries, Kent.