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The Evolution of the Job Application - we've come a long way, baby!

The Evolution of the Job Application [INFOGRAPHIC]

The History of Job Applications from Faxing to Social (via The Undercover Recruiter) -- Infographic

Global LinkedIn dream Jobs #Infographic   This is really interesting, break down per country & gender- Career Circus Ltd  "Re-pinned by Career Consultancy for Young Professionals: www.careercircus.co.uk Challenging the imagination through coaching and development for a fulfilling career."

Most Popular Jobs info graphic - LinkedIn Dream Job Study (I found the top dream jobs for women in the US a little surprising)

Apple by the Numbers

Apple by the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Apple by the Numbers. Keeping up with Apple‘s growth is like sneezing with your eyes open — it’s nearly impossible. That’s why every so often we like to bring you an update of the latest Apple news, numbers and trends.

Different types of Clients encountered.

Customer Behavior - The Wonderful World of Difficult Clients [Infographic] : MarketingProfs Article

Why Arent You Getting Hired - youtern.com

Career infographic : Job hopping damages employment prospects more than age or unemployment

infographic infographics

Farewell To A Genius: A Look Back on the Life and Times of Steve Jobs, Infographic Design

Results of Glassdoor user poll on the role of social media recruiting and retention

awesome INFOGRAPHIC: The Age of Social Recruiting - Glassdoor Employers Social media Great Infographics

Great tools for your #jobsearch. Find your next nonprofit job at www.jobscoop.org

How do you make sure recruiters find you for the right jobs? Well there are a few tactics you can engage in, here is an infographic based on the 7 Secrets to Making Recruiters Find You: Get …

The Perfect Blog Post

9 Essential Elements of the Perfect Blog Post [Infographic]

Cinnamon and Spice Oatmeal Mix Recipe

The Sneaky Psychology Of Advertising -- This infographic runs through a list of psychological tricks that advertisers use to get the consumers attention. It illustrates how brands tap your subconscious and the words they use to target a specific audience.