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    "Anybody know who she is?" A shallow person with too much money, sick priorities and bad self confidence. I would like to know how many foxes were killed to create that horribility and which "fashion designer" is guilty of this monstrosity, and why hasn't someone thrown paint or cake on her. I have no problems with fur or leather IF THEY COME FROM AN ANIMAL YOU EAT. (Or that you needed to kill to protect your animals or yourself.) I am 100% certain of that this bitch doesn't fill the conditions.

    Dog meat trading in China. SICK SICK SICK

    Why would anyone kill this beautiful animal?

    This is a terrible bag!! Stop killing animals for fashion! Take action!


    Arctic Fox by SeraD

    Megan Fox

    Beautiful. Can't understand people killing and eating these beautiful animals.

    Help Stop a Killing Contest on National Forest Lands! To encourage and make light of the BRUTAL KILLING of other living beings that share our planet is SOCIOPATHIC! BAN TAX PAYER SPONSORED KILLING CONTESTS ON FEDERAL LANDS NOW! PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE WIDELY!

    Stop Killing Leopards for Religious Clothing

    Start 'em early...hunting. Teach them to kill efficiently at a young age and glory in it. Teach them that stalking and killing other beings who are not trying to kill you is a terrific way to show respect for nature. Teach them that it's a fair sport even though the targets don't know they are being stalked for killing. Teach them it's good for self-esteem to kill the especially big ones. Hail the great outdoors.

    HELP STOP the Killing of Elephants in the Congo! While most of those doing the killing are poachers and notoriously violent resistance groups, it would appear that government trained military units are also cashing in on the ivory trade, especially in the Congo, Uganda, and newly created Southern Sudan. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE WIDELY IN CONDEMNATION!

    Protective Mom

    These are lions raised to be killed by ignorant rich Americans, like Kendall Jones.

    "One Day I’m Free." In reality, he is about to be skinned alive for a fur coat. Foxes are continually hunted for their fur, and are in danger of extinction. Foxes are naturally curious and playful, and since they have little fear of people they are very easily captured and killed. Foxes live together in family groups; they play together and cooperate in all aspects of life. If one of a pair of foxes is being chased by an enemy, its mate will dash out of hiding to distract the pursuer.

    Meet Josie! She is a beautiful 8 week old female, Border Collie/Lab mix puppy that was rescued from a kill shelter in TN. She has a great personality and loves everyone. Josie is very gentle with young children and gets along with other dogs and...

    If you thought tiger claw brings good luck, imagine having twenty and still being killed. The Most Powerful Ads Of The World Wildlife Fund

    only a tenth in the catch of long line tuna fishing is actually tuna. What right do we have to kill and kill especially when you add to the equation the fact that so much food is wasted??

    sick, slaughterhouse worker caught on tape dancing with a dead pig; why #vegan