• Heleen de Bruijn

    Hi Hat cupcakes recipe from Bakerella with step by step (photo)instructions of how to bake and decorate. Prepare a meringue frosting over some chocolate cupcakes, that once frozen are dipped in chocolate. Could bake the cake in ice cream cones.

  • Amie Gardner

    Hi Hat cupcakes - Recipe - Bakerella has done it again: from an original recipe from Martha Stewart, prepare a meringue frosting over some chocolate cupcakes, that once frozen and dipped in chocolate chips, results a spectacular sweet!

  • Sindy Porter

    Chocolate Covered Upcakes chocolate cupcake recipe recipes ingredients desert recipes food tutorials food tutorial

  • Gayle Marie

    #Chocolate dipped #cupcake recipe! Looks like the chocolate that they dip Dairy Queen ice cream cones in.....but I bet it is BETTER!! Mmmmmmmm....

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