So cute and simple! Fireflies out of plastic easter eggs and flameless LED tealights! Great activity!

DIY fireflies using a battery operated tea light and plastic easter egg! -- 29 of the MOST creative crafts and activities for kids!

fireflies Slim en andere: een knak-lichtje, lichtstaafje kan ook de lichtbron in je lampion zijn! AK

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Lightning Bugs Now I have something I can do with all the Easter Eggs that are always on sale after Easter!

Make your own toy garden out of felt and cardboard. Fun and educational!

Great Bubble DIY for Kids – Make Bubbles that Will Bounce. 1 C distilled drinking water 1 Tablespoon dish soap 1 Teaspoon of glycerin (I ordered mine online) straw (this is just what I chose to blow the bubbles with, Im assuming you can use a typical bubble wand) 1 clean glove (or sock) – (this is to keep the bubble from popping)

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Change the bird to a dino & create a hatching dinosaur craft

An after dark Egg Hunt - fun! :)

how to make firefly craft

Firefly bottle ! Things Needed: One 20 ounce green plastic soda bottle, empty and cleaned out (label removed) One glow stick Three 12 inch pipe cleaners in green or black, for the legs One 12 inch pipe cleaner in gold, silver, or black (for the antennae) Two yellow pony beads (for the eyes) Construction paper or card stock (for thorax and wings) Glue Scissors Black paint  Clear tape

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monster faces from bottle caps -- fun!

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