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    luna moth


    “Rhetus periander, una mariposa increíble”

    Beautiful aqua moth with gold and white markings

    Stunningly beautiful unidentified (Giant silk?) moth. If you can ID, please leave a comment... .

    Luna Moth

    emerald moth

    Spanish Moon Moth Actias isabellae male

    This rare moon moth is half Spanish and half Chinese (Graellsia isabellae x Actias dubernardi )

    Luna Moth - Earth My Likeness, TheNaturePoemsof WaltWhitman:AsIwrite,I'mseatedunderabigwild-cherry tree-thewarmdaytemper’dbypartialcloudsandafresh breeze,neithertooheavynorlightandhereIsitlong, envelop’dinthe deepmusicaldroneofthesebees…How itallnourishes,lullsme,inthewaymostneeded;openair, rye-fields,appleorchards.Thelasttwodayshavebeen faultlessinsun,breeze,temperature,everything;never twomoreperfectdays,andIhaveenjoy’dthemwonderfully.Myhealthissomewhatbetter,andmyspirit atpeace.-WaltWhitman


    I love the see-through butterflies and moths. (Octauius Swordtail) (Lepidoptera, Riodinidae, Chorinea octauius)

    Elephant Hawk Moth

    Lily Moth

    Peacock Butterfly, beautiful.. this alone shows me how much God loves us to give us something so amazing to see! Wow..

    Luna Moth ~~ by ashockenberry

    Daphnis nerii, a large hawk-moth found in wide areas of Africa and Asia. It is a migratory species, flying to parts of eastern and southern Europe during the summer. The Daphnis nerii (Oleander Sphinx Moth or Orleander Hawk-Moth) is one of the most beautiful butterfly-like patterned moths on Earth

    butterfly? moth? Beautiful

    Pantheroides pardalis (family Geometridae) moth from South America.

    What an amazing caterpillar - the larva of an Archduke (Lexias pardalis dirteana) Butterfly pretending to be an evergreen conifer.

    Elephant Hawk-Moth