7 Steps to Great Makeup

7 Steps to Great Makeup beautiful eye makeup. awesome eye make up besides the penciled in eye brows

Eyeshadow ideas for prom

A Collection of 30 Best Glitter Makeup Tutorials and Ideas for 2017

This but green instead of purple for my poison ivy costume :)

Purple make up for brown eyes. I wouldn't go quite as 'bold' with the under eye makeup and maybe not so many layers, but purple, done like this, on brown eyes is stunning.

lovely gold eyeshadow

This girl has the same color eyes as me, maybe I can do this! Copper glitter dramatic eye make up

Chanel Riveria nail polish

When it comes to summer beauty products, sunscreen is the only thing you should be laying on thick. For the make up trends for this summer we are responsible to give you advices. The summer is the .