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    How To Make a Book Into an Incognito Stash Box

    What's the one thing you never hear from people who have just been burgled? "Those rotten sons of bitches stole all my books." Nobody's going to lift your Encyclopaedia Britannicas when there are OLEDs to be had. That's why you should hide your precious valuables in the last place thieves think to l...
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    .The last comment. Lmfao!!!

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    Cat facts.

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    That guys reaction is the best!


    funny-sock-cat-inside-out.jpg (540×491)


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    I'm not sorry about pinning this. I laughed so hard I cried.

    maslows hierarchy of needs updated omg I died!

    Best Chemistry Joke Of All Time

    haha!'s a happy little ship.

    Guardians Of The Galaxy /// This is awesome :)

    Restless Sleeper-sadly I am the restless sleeper. So glad people don't act like cats! Thx K.

    Laughed more than I should have