DIY mat for the kitchen. Guess what it is made from!

Large area rug DIY for under $30...never would have thought of this!

this is soo cool! just buy some cheap foam blocks and paint them and you have a nice rug comfy rug!

DIY curtains...need some new window dressings.

DIY rug

Homemade kitchen mat

Easy #DIY area rug. Forget paying $ 50-100+ for a rug! Buy a cheap one and decorate it yourself. This woman used a plain rug from Lowe's (only $ 24.98!), a stencil and white acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby (on sale!), and a foam roller. There are so many different color/#design combinations you can use to inexpensively create a unique rug for your room. Easy on the eyes / easy on your #budget !

WARNING!!! a million DIY projects :) This website is as addicting as Pinterest. pin now check later!

How to make floor mats with used cloth

The most genius idea i've ever seen on pinterest...

Painted Bath Mat!!

diy home sweet home: Simple Tips that are Borderline Genius

DIY Floor Mats!

DIY ruffled lamp shade

no sew pillow covers

DIY Knot Pillow

DIY Slide Out Drawers. This should be done under any & every kitchen sink!

Puzzle cutting boards.... Love this.... would be great too for little house parties

DIY tonal painting from Young House Love