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    • New York Info

      french bulldog in the sand sleeping, puppy, frenchie, so cute, new york

    • Taylor Vazquez

      Beach Bum French bulldog- too cute!

    • Lisa Barry

      lol just another day at the beach and another French bull dog buried in the sand

    • Madison Baxter

      Life's a Beach & the frenchies are just playin in the sand. french bulldog.

    • Carde App

      #puppy #cute #dog #nice #pet #animal #happy #beautifu #putdownyourphone

    • stacey🌚

      French bulldog puppy asleep at the beach

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    Bahaha or still!

    Image via We Heart It #fandom #gabriel #spn #supernatural #tumblr #textpost #superwholock

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    criminal minds teevee

    You don't say?

    "So I went to Starbucks because I had $4 in my wallet and I was thirsty. Well being me and all in my head I was like “The name Nick is too boring let’s spice it up”. So I told the lady my name was Voldemort in the most calm way I could and for like two minutes she looked at me like I was crazy. So I awkwardly walked away and sat down for like another five minutes or so until my drink came, and when I looked at the name on the cup I couldn’t help but to laugh for the longest time."

    A man who painted himself under the effects of various drugs

    Kids are awesome.



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    Darling is my new favorite word

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    Just having tea with the little guy

    If youre in a bad mood look at how happy this man is with his giant onion.

    Lol, literally napping in the arms of an angel =P



    Lol I love her face.

    Ha, so true!

    This is hilarious... I know people who seriously need this.

    Guy photoshops celebrities into his party photos. These are hilarious!

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