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AG-The perfect mix of awkward and adorable..

Opening Acts: The Vanities Headliners 2006–2011

andrew garfield, spiderman, never let me go -- i dare you not to have a massive crush on him

Andrew Garfield

20 Guys You Want To See In Suspenders

My style: white shirt, black suspenders and knit cap as modeled by Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield: Day 82 on Spider-Man 2!

Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield: Day 82 on 'Spider-Man Photo Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield film scenes on the city streets fro their new film The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on Wednesday (May in New York City.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Emdrew Stonefield. Cuddling up in TASM2 taping breaks ♥

OMG I'm totally in love with them! Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy on the set of The Amazing Spiderman 2

Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield: Boy A, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, The Social Network, Never Let Me Go, The Amazing Spiderman

Joseph Gordon Levitt

cool mens hair styles

A celeb I've recently started "crushing" on, Andrew Garfield. Just how cool he was with the fans during the Amazing Spiderman 2 panel won me over, what can I say?

ring bearer style

Styling the Little Ones: Ring Bearer Fashion