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Found him<3

I don't want to wait nor do I want a boy. A man that doesn't wait for me but lives life, loves me, and works towards something amazing? Yes please. I don't need to be the end all be all in anyone's life, I want to be loved not coveted.


She’s a mess of gorgeous chaos. You can see it in her eyes. Pasted smile, nervous laugh, a tangled web of truth and lies. Her once concieded thoughts wander through life and death and wander through regrets past time {.

I've learned a lot since my mothers death almost 20 yrs ago. Life keeps going, forward.

Disney Challenge Day 21 (favorite quote): Oh my, where does one begin? Disney has so many great quotes, but I always seem to remember the wise words of Rafiki from The Lion King. Pretty good advice, for an animated film.

sometimes you have to giveup on people, not because you dont care, because they dont.

letting go.because some people just don't want to make time to be in your life.

must remember this

I miss the person and the special feeling I had when I was with him. I wish I could still have the someone because that special is pointless without that person to express your feelings towards. But i know that person and me are not meant to be together.

The Notebook, favorite line ever... this would be perfect for a real guy to say

Checklist of the “perfect” guy

The Notebook, favorite line ever I will never not quote this . I will always love this movie

Falling in love

Another wonderful thought, love finds you. So happy love found me, and I found it back :).

The most intelligent relationship advice I've ever read.

Wise words

This is awesome.People need to remember this more these days. Be contented. Don't run to another girl just because you see a "better catch." Yes, there are people greater than her. But there are also people greater than you. Yet, she choose you.

If you choose to connect to Love, you will be challenged. You will be asked to face your fears. You will be asked to be humbled. And then you will be lifted by the wings of angels who are ready to help you fly because you take yourself lightly. This is the promise of Love" For more inspirational see the entire blog post... :)

"One day someone will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked out with anyone else". (Yes, I now know it was meant to be with my hubby.