The possibilities for this are endless! Great how-to

Haunted Tree - Pictoral mini-tutorial. Made from concrete forms, newspaper, plastic sheet, and a little PVC. Kind of neat

Make this out of expanding foam, build up to desire size and carve out eyes, teeth and nose with a knife. Paint. Weather proof too.

Bad children from last Halloween prop

Tar Pit Halloween Prop/Decoration - This guy used a 5 gallon bucket of driveway sealer which cost around $15 and says he had plenty left over.

Realistic Cocooned Spider Victim for Halloween


Halloween prop

DIY halloween tree

Castle Scenery Print Ankle Grazer Leggings TR0290133

Cloaked figure Halloween prop... I'd like to put this by the front door next to the candy bowl and have someone jump out from inside when a trick-or-treater comes by. :-)

GOTHIC WINDOW Halloween Haunted House Prop

How to create a tar pit monster for your Halloween haunt. Full DIY Halloween tutorial in the link.

DIY how to grim hollow haunt - getting the hubby to help with this one

Haunted Tree Tutorial

Halloween prop using roofing tar

How to make a Spooky Halloween Tree (Great Photo Prop!) You can make the base out of any of these items: foam insulation boards, card board, or wood boards

Glow in the dark Party

DIY Halloween Props

how to make "The Ring" Creepy Halloween prop