The possibilities for this are endless! Great how-to

Bad children from last Halloween prop

Haunted Tree - Pictoral mini-tutorial. Made from concrete forms, newspaper, plastic sheet, and a little PVC. Kind of neat

How to create a tar pit monster for your Halloween haunt. Full DIY Halloween tutorial in the link.

Make this out of expanding foam, build up to desire size and carve out eyes, teeth and nose with a knife. Paint. Weather proof too.

This thing is creepy!!!! Grim Hollow Haunt

This would be an awesome prop for a party

Creating a Realistic Cocooned Spider Victim for Halloween

halloween ceiling prop


DIY Halloween props!

Bloody Cutting Board Prop ... cheap, and will store for years to come!

diy halloween props | DIY Halloween Props. I love this!!!

I am soooo doing this!!! Fake fire Halloween prop! Picture of Burning Embers Halloween prop

Cool prop, I definitely want one of these.

Super fast and cheap DIY Halloween prop using old jeans, paint, and Great Stuff foam

MOSS MONSTER 7' Tall Halloween Prop Glowing Eyes Yard Decoration Party | eBay - cool idea for Halloween

How to make a Guillotine prop

GOTHIC WINDOW Halloween Haunted House Prop

Excellent Grim Reaper tutorial with lots of pics and detailed instructions.

Flight of the Bats. (I have done this the past two years, and it always looks AMAZING. This last year I sprayed GID spray on them, and added a black light to my hallway. The effect was beyond perfect!) <<< great idea!!!