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Sally from Peanuts: Only in math problems can you buy 60 cantaloupes and no one asks what the hell is wrong with you.

SAGE advice!

Funny pictures about Always label your axes. Oh, and cool pics about Always label your axes. Also, Always label your axes.

I concur.

Lucy Van Pelt - Charlie Brown One day a week - where boys give presents to girls.

Is it #wine o'clock yet?

It's wine o'clock somewhere. Marie Donatelli D Eustaquio Woerner I need a wine night soon please & thank you :)

Bildergebnis für lehrer zu beginn des schuljahres

funny teacher jokes funny photo which is very hilarious and this teacher cartoon show you funny face of teacher which make you smile laugh.

math humor...my favorite!

Do I pin this under "funny stuff," "recipes," or "activating learning (math).


Funny pictures about Starbucks' secret message. Oh, and cool pics about Starbucks' secret message. Also, Starbucks' secret message.