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"CordLite" on Kickstarter: A charging cable that provides illumination, enabling you to see your charging port in any low light environment. By simply picking it up or holding it, it illuminates.

Short cables with clips for your gadgets. I have some short cables like this but they dont look as cool.

"Galileo" on Kickstarter: A revolutionary, iOS-controlled robotic iPhone platform with infinite spherical rotation capability. Just swipe your finger on the screen of your iPad or other iOS device and Galileo reacts, orienting your iPhone or iPod Touch accordingly. With applications in areas of photography, cinematography, social networking, and video conferencing, Galileo gives iOS devices endless possibilities of remote-controlled motion.

"Hostage Trials" on Kickstarter: You get a strange call from an unknown number. A mysterious voice informs you that one of your family members or friends has been kidnapped! Most of your interaction with the game will come through phone calls with different characters. You'll be at the mercy of the villain. He could call at any time and when he'd better be ready! You'll play with a friend who will be given "Hostage Homework" that gets incorporated into the game.

"JuiceTank" on Kickstarter: The first iPhone case to feature an integrated wall charger that folds flat to provide maximum portability. The automated plug deploys easily and allows you to plug your phone directly into any outlet. No cords required.

"Daylight Viewfinder" on Kickstarter: A viewfinder eyepiece for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that blocks out external light to make taking pictures and videos outside in bright sunlight easier. Just start the special app, turn the suction ring to attach the Daylight Viewfinder, and you are ready to take pictures in the brightest of conditions.

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