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    • B. Mama

      Sunset Glow Bamboo (Fargesia 'Rufa') SW corner / midground)

    • Gardens by Elena LLC

      Google Image Result for http://www.logees.com/images/R1842-4-Small.jpg

    • Lisa Bennett

      Fargesia rufa - "Clumping" Bamboo 'Sunset Glow' (perennial, full/partial sun)

    • Lauren Leach-Steffens

      Ok, another one of those non-invasive clumping bamboos hardy to Zone 5. This one is orangey instead of bluish, and grows half as high. I think it might work well in the shrubby garden.

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    Himalayacalamus hookerianus 'Teague's Blue' - one of the most beautiful non-invasive clumping bamboos in the world. Taken in Rocklin, CA by Sean of Mad Man Bamboo Nursery.

    Fargesia Rufa live Sunset Glow clumping bamboo by MayaGardensInc See listing on Etsy!

    Bamboo trail in Bali, Indonesia

    Fargesia murielae


    Fargesia Rufa (clumping bamboo)

    Bamboo “Sunset Glow” (Fargesia rufa)

    Fargesia nitida

    Linda Cochran's Garden: Fargesia robusta

    Linda Cochran's Garden: Fargesia robusta