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    Photography cheat sheet

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    Fabulous blog on the basic's of digital photography. Each post is a new lesson w/ an activity to do to make you learn your camera!! Perfect for Nikon or Canon owners.

    Photography Cheat Sheet

    Camera exposure modes and program modes explained

    C-Loop: An aluminum swivel which mounts to the base of your camera, keeping the strap away from the lens while shooting and enabling you to keep the lens close to your side when walking through crowds. $39.95 #Photography #C_Loop

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    Night light settings

    Getting to Know Your Nikon Camera: DSLR Buttons. By Sarah Halstead. Photo Credit: Sarah Halstead.

    13 most popular photography tips of all time. need to learn.

    Simple Delights: Photography Tips Love this. Keeps me from taking tons of test shots with different apertures lol. As always.

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    Photography cheat sheets

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