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Her third husband was the Mexican actor and singer Jorge Negrete. They met in 1942, during the shooting of El Peñón de las Ánimas and had mutual dislike. The situation changed when María returned to Mexico from Spain in 1953. However, Negrete was deathly suffering from liver cirrhosis, and died in Los Angeles, 11 months after their marriage.

The Calderon Brothers, famous filmmakers in Mexico, led her to Hollywood, where she met Cecil B. DeMille, who offered her work in the Metro-Goldwyn Mayer. María refused, wishing to work in Mexico. Palacios introduced her to the filmmaker Miguel Zacarías, who would give her the opportunity of starring El Peñon de las Animas alongside Jorge Negrete.

La Doña, María Félix (April 8, 1914 – April 8, 2002) was a Mexican actress and the most iconic leading lady of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema.