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  • Kelsey Lanz

    Get in shape!

  • Lydia Peel

    The Bucket List (TheBucktList) on Twitter

  • Chelsea Bonar

    We're going to take a moment to analyze this picture. Is a healthy lifestyle a goal, a good thing to strive for, of course! But a flat stomach is not the end-all symbol for health. Also that's not something on my bucket list. Those things are like: Go to New Zealand, Build a house in a third world village. What do y'all think?

  • Meg .

    Have a flat stomach / #BeforeIDie #Before #I #Die

  • Mirjam Bauer

    Toned and healthy body (incl. flat stomach)

  • Citielight Jones

    Flat tummy doesn't sound right, flat stomach does.

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