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  • Lynn Bromage-Smith

    Lost in Space! Danger! Warning! Will Robinson! I remember this being one of the first afternoon movies i went to see.

  • Becky Hovas

    Lost in Space - My very favorite TV show as a kid :)

  • Glenda Brown

    Lost in Space- One of my all time favorite TV shows growing up.

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the Robot from Lost in Space. At the time, it seemed so "high tech" and "space-aged" !!

Danger Will Robinson!! Yes, my son William is actually named after Will Robinson.

From the Lost In Space archives

Lost in Space--watched it every Sunday morning before church!

Lost In Space..Danger Will Robinson!! I can remember thinking this was sooooo Sci Fi!!!!

Lost in Space...danger, Will Robinson... It was both modern and futuristic, and filled with great adventure

Danger, Will Robinson! One of my all-time favorites. I even had the plastic robot that was battery operated.

Lost in Space, Robot and Jonathan Harris (Dr. Zachary Smith). I bet they are bickering.

The Robot and Will. Catchphrases: “I cannot accept that course of action,” “That does not compute” and “Danger, Will Robinson!” Dr. Smith's frequent jabs at Robot are also still remembered, especially his trademark "You bubble-headed booby!"