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Constructivism (learning theory) - Contents cover: Constructivists / The nature of the learner / The importance of the background and culture of the learner/ The responsibility for learning / The motivation for learning / The role of the instructor / Instructors as facilitators / The nature of the learning process / Learning is an active, social process / Collaboration among learners / The importance of context and much more! favorite personal-development

from EaD y TIC

A Critique of Connectivism as a Learning Theory

2006 / George Siemens publica el libro "Conociendo el conocimiento", una exploración del impacto del contexto cambiante y de las características del conocimiento. #unaymuchashistorias

9 Signs That Neuroscience Has Entered The Classroom Some interesting stuff here and some I'm not so sure I agree with POV. Love learning to learn theory though.

from Instructional Technology

Robert Gagne’s Nine Events of Instructions

GAGNE THEORY: There nine different levels of learning that require unique types of instruction.