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    Santa is a wizard!



    • Katie Waddell

      His toy sack, a bag of holding. The funny hat. A time turner to get to all the kids in the world in 24 hours. The sled, a flying car just like Mr Weasley's, Plus, the Flu Network, what with all the up and down chimneys and such...Harry Potter humor :)

    • Mikalie Averett

      This is obvious, but he has a flying sled, and a time turner so he can get to all the children before dawn. There might be a bit of floo powder involved, too, what with the chimneys and all because-that-s-is-funny

    • Hannah Wiese

      I'm not Christian, or Catholic, but this is the most logical explanation for Santa Claus I've ever seen.

    • Maddy Machen

      And he makes his rounds by using a time turner, how else would he be able to get around the world in one night?

    • Laura Schmidt

      santa, explained. it makes so much sense! i bet he has a time turner, too.

    • Marina Sala Planells

      Santa Claus just became more believable to me #harrypotter

    • Debra Pascal

      hehehe..... Potter heads!

    • Heather Stauffer

      Santa's a wizard, Harry.

    • Caitlin Simpson

      For my potterheads

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