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    Weight Loss and Exercise - Dr. John Demartini discusses some mis-perceptions surrounding weight loss and exercise and how the exercise/binge eating cycle can be curtailed with moderate regimes. www.drdemartini.c...

    weight loss motivation wall ideas | note to self | Weight Loss Exercise Tips Motivation #provestra

    A different weight loss plan

    30 Amazing Foods for Weight Loss: For healthy weight loss, people should try to consume low calorie foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Here are some super foods for weight loss that can help you lose weight rapidly.

    Nutritionists Reveal the Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes via POPSUGAR Fitness #NutritionExpert

    How to Ask for a Salary Raise - Dr Demartini shares 8 steps to asking for a raise in salary. www.drdemartini.c...

    Mental Benefits of Exercise. While it's THE most difficult thing to do when you're depressed, exercise really does help!

    Bodyweight Exercise: Boxer #exercise #fitness

    Have you ever achieved a long sought goal that you had set and then immediately felt a surge of confidence and began setting the next new one? Did you raise the bar? Our expectations and standards tend to climb as our goals become accomplished. www.drdemartini.c...

    Top 3 exercises to lose weight quickly

    Keep the weight off with these tips!

    Read about the seven primary fears that immobilize people from achieving their goals and learn how to not be a victim of them.

    How to Keep Your Partner Interested - I was asked recently whether there was an explanation why husbands or wives stray. My answer was simple: Relationships may start out romantic, but they also remain utilitarian. www.drdemartini.c...

    The Two Most Damaging Emotions to Physical and Emotional Well-Being - The two basic emotions, fear and guilt, are the most challenging emotions affecting our overall physical and emotional well-being. They can sabotage our vitality, imbalance our physiology and rob us of our inner poise. www.drdemartini.c...

    Do These 4 Things Before Bed to Lose Weight Tomorrow

    3-Minute Stretching Routine for Shin Splints. GREAT video, just what I needed!!| via @SparkPeople #fitness #stretch #running

    200 Great Reasons For Wealth Building, a leadership exercise via Dr. John Demartini

    Get a Flat Tummy at Home with These 8 Simple Exercises

    With this bodyweight workout, you can tone your entire body anywhere; love the printable poster!

    -Found on The Easiest Homemade Colon Cleanser: Get Rid Of Toxins and Lose Weight LA Healthy Living Do you suffer from a toxic colon? Did you know that over 50 million people in America have an unhealthy colon? Gastrointestinal problems are widespread in our society, mostly due to the fact that modern food is greatly lacking in… Continue Reading →