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  • Dr John Demartini

    Weight Loss and Exercise - Dr. John Demartini discusses some mis-perceptions surrounding weight loss and exercise and how the exercise/binge eating cycle can be curtailed with moderate regimes.

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Working up a sweat is a good thing when it comes to exercise, but being too hot may make you throw in your workout towel too soon. A study finds that holding a hand-cooling device while exercising may help obese women keep moving longer.

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Twelve minutes' exercise per week 'enough to stay fit' - Just 12 minutes of intensive exercise per week is enough to improve your health if you are overweight, a study has found. (Telegraph)

Dr. John DeMartini says is best.

"What we think about and thank about, we bring about." ~ John Demartini

Have goals that you are constantly working tonight towards. Inspiring and meaningful challenges keep people innovative and youthful. Dr John Demartini